Girlfriend fucked by boyfriend in front of roommate

Boyfriend and girlfriend have sex, roommate interrupts and walks in, and they continue fucking in front of him. The video begins with the boyfriend setting up the cam in night vision mode. The girlfriend crawls on top of him, they kiss and she gets to riding him. She bounces on his cock for a bit and then he turns her over and fucks her in missionary position.

At 5:27, the roommate is heard at the door. The gf quickly covers up and the bf goes to the door. At 6:39, the roommate walks to the other side of the room and lays down. The boyfriend gets back on top of the girlfriend and they continue fucking in front of him! They start with the sheets covering them, but those don’t last long on them. The sheets come off. The girlfriend gets into a doggy position briefly, then lays down and the boyfriend takes her from behind. They fuck for a bit before getting into a more proper doggy style position. The video ends with them fucking in missionary position with her legs up in the air. This all happens in front of the roommate who is laying right next to them.

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