Passionate amateur wife shared

The husband tapes his wife having sex with a best friend. She really enjoys it and a little potential cuckolding happens at the end where she doesn’t seem to pleased to be have her husband cum on her. The only information about the couple comes at the beginning of the video where they are introduced as Alie and Ben. There is a video of the Alie and her husband fucking so this appears to be real.

Although they are mentioned as a husband and wife couple, I’m not seeing a wedding ring. I’ll still tag this one as a wife for now.

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3 thoughts on “Passionate amateur wife shared

  1. The best friend fucked the hell out of the wife. She really got what she wanted from the guy. I have no doubt that she will be going back for seconds from the guy.

  2. I was always reluctant to saying yes to my husband wanting to share me all these years. I’m glad I said yes. I can’t get enough now and the more men I have sex with the more I get turned on. Currently, I have sex with 11 of my husbands close friends. 6 personal friends of mine, three new guys I’ve met in the last two weeks and counting. My husband loves it. We have even made a room in our house for my little sexcapades. Ladies I recommend being shared. It’s fantastic, I promise.

  3. My wife and I are getting close to having our first MFM. I have fantasied about sharing her with a well endowed guy, and she has really started to warm up to the ideal. Should we find some one we know or should we go with someone we may meet on a swingers site etc

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