Wife prepares and rides another man while husband films

The wife is fucking on the other mans cock in front of her husband. She’s holding the stranger’s balls while she goes down on him. She strokes him a bit as she prepares to ride him. She asks the husband something (can’t make it out) and he responds whatever. She gets in front of him, still holding his cock as she positions herself above him. The husband says “shove it in there”. The stranger did have a condom on him in his left hand, but apparently he gets away entering the wife bareback.

The wife lowers herself onto the strangers cock and begins to slowly ride him, facing towards her husband and camera. She starts to moan and we get some nice visuals of her large breasts bouncing. The husband starts jerking himself off watching her. It’s dark and difficult to see exactly what is happening. We unfortunately do not get a good view of the cock entering the wife’s pussy. That’s of course fine as studio lightning is not expected.

It’s a nice raw amateur video. According to the description, the other man entered the wife bareback without the husband’s permission. The husband didn’t seem to mind too much as he instructed him to shove it in. The description also indicates it was the first time the wife was shared with another man who was not wearing a condom.

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