Wife fucked in high heels by boyfriend while husband films

Short clip filmed by the husband of his wife getting fucked by her boyfriend. The husband is sitting and filming the action from a bit of a distance. Usually, the husband is closer to get good footage of the wife’s face or close ups of the penetration. Not in this case. The wife is wearing high heels and she has her legs straight up while her boyfriend fucks her. She’s vocal, but maybe playing it up…though it sounds like she’s enjoying it. Near the end of the clip the guy pulls out which looks like he does it because he’s about to cum.

The one positive to the husband keeping a distance is that the action between the wife and lover or stranger can play out a bit more naturally. There must be some hesitation or difference in what happens in the sharing scenario when the husband is close up and personal with a camera filming. Sometimes it seems like the wife and 3rd party can let it go, but there must be some effect.

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