Black girlfriend dogging with white strangers in car

The video begins by showing a craigslist ad put out by the boyfriend looking for strangers to fuck his girlfriend in their car. The instructions tell the strangers where the car and gf will be and include a picture of the girlfriend in the car. There is also a close up picture of her tits in the ad.

The video then jumps to the dogging action. The wife is riding a stranger in the front seat of their car while others watch outside the car. This is all happening in daylight. The gf enjoys this as she moans. Two pictures are shown at 0:49: One of the wife with her legs spread open and tits out, and another picture of her with the stranger’s cum in her mouth. The video then cuts to the girlfriend giving the stranger a blowjob and she has him cum in her mouth. She lets the cum out of her mouth onto her breasts.

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