Wife wears revealing clothing for repairman

Wife wears a very revealing top and a thong bottom while the repair guy helps her out.

The wife answers the door and the guy comes in. It appears like her fridge is “not working”. She wears a top with her right breast and nipple exposed. The thong she’s wearing also appears to be see through and barely covers her pussy. The worker takes the fridge away. He comes back a few minutes later with a new fridge. She stands by the bed with her breast still visible and her see through thong showing her pussy off. He explains something and she goes over to inspect the fridge and she kneels down to inspect it. Surprisingly, the repairman kept his cool and didn’t react much to her blatant nudity.

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One thought on “Wife wears revealing clothing for repairman

  1. Very inconsiderate that they blur out her face but this innocent bystanders face is clear as day. I get the fun they are having but have some fucking respect for others in the process.

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