Wife fucks another man while husband films from outside room

The husband positions the camera over the couch and angles it towards the bedroom. In the bed room, the amateur wife is having sex to another man in the missionary position. She grabs onto his arms while he thrusts into her. He backs up a bit, touches her breasts and rubs her pussy. He then gets back into missionary fucking and the wife responds vocally with several “oh yeahs”. I don’t know the story behind this video: is the husband not allowed to be next to them and that is why he is filming from a distance? Or, is he letting his wife have fun without trying to interfere? I can’t tell and will need to leave off the cuckold tag since there is no obvious humiliation of the husband.

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2 thoughts on “Wife fucks another man while husband films from outside room

    1. There are agreements where the husband will not be allowed near his wife, but can still film and watch from a distance. Difficult to tell from this video without any context. Also, it appears that the guy looks up briefly twice during the video towards the husband, but it’s hard to tell if that’s actually happening. This can go either way.

      Anyone else care to comment on this?

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