Wife occupied with riding friend while husband films

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The wife is very focused and concentrated on riding a friend, and the husband films it. The video begins with a display of beers and cigarettes in front of the husband. He then positions the camera on his wife and friend. The wife is slowly grinding her pussy into the friend’s cock. She moans and takes it slowly. The two are chatting and the wife laughs. She angles herself in a way where her breast is closer to him and he sucks on her nipple. The friend then spanks the wife and looks over at the husband, probably to make sure that it was ok. The wife speeds up her riding and she begins to moan loudly. The friend grabs onto her hips.

The wife then sits back on the friend’s cock, licks her fingers and rubs her clit while she rides him. She even puts her fingers in the friend’s mouth. She continues to ride, sucks on her fingers and rubs her clit a little more. The wife alternates between slowly grinding her pussy against his cock and riding quickly.

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